Transparency Report

(Updated: July 30, 2021)

I'm making this information available just in case you are curious as to what information I really track.

I am personally not a fan of data collection and invading privacy. Hence, I try to keep fairly minimal tracking/ads on this site.

This site uses delicious cookies!

  • TLDR (Too long, didn't read version): A few cookies are used to minimally track your visit, and to help ensure website security.

    Explanation of our Third Party Cookies:
  • Cloudflare is used for site security. Note that blocking their cookies may prevent access to the site!
  • YouTube is used for serving video content on this site.

    Random Fandom Media Group's Cookies:
  • Random Fandom Media Group collects only minimal data about your visit using a single cookie. 
  • That cookie expires at the end of your browsing session.
  • The data collected cannot be used to identify you, it is purely anonymous. 
  • The screenshot below shows what kind of information I track. It's very basic, but it should help me determine whether or not I'm gaining popularity or not, or if I'm potentially getting flooded by bots or otherwise malicious traffic.

This site tracks your IP... only if you login!

  • Only I, Random Fandom - the admin... has the login information for this website.
  • If you are logged in... well I hope something bad happens to you. 😡 You are not supposed to be logged in!
  • I may use the information about your login in prosecution, if necessary.
  • Don't try anything evil and we'll be alright! 😘

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